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    Administrative and Agency Law

    Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C is knowledgeable in administrative law. We have many years of experience dealing with issues that arise with local, state or federal government agencies. We are prepared to assist all levels of government. 


    Appellate Practice

    Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C is experienced with the many details of the appeals process. We ensure that cases are well positioned for appeal, defend good results in the trial courts and work to secure new trials whenever necessary.


    Business Law

    Today’s business environment means that entrepreneurs and businesses need highly qualified, cost-effective legal advice from business attorneys who know and understand their industry. Here at Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. we are committed to providing you with legal assistance on a full spectrum of business issues.


    Civil Litigation

    The role and responsibilities of a civil litigation attorney can be diverse and challenging. No two cases are the same. Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. lawyers serve as your advocates to fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome.


    Commercial Law

    Commercial Law is a broad category which encompasses many areas of law relating to the transaction of business. Central among this broad category are the laws relating to sales, banking and lending, financing and secured transactions, and consumer protection. Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. attorneys represent clients in all types of commercial litigation.


    Contract Law

    Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. works in a large variety of contract areas. We have extensive drafting experience for all types of contracts such as, stock and asset sales, general business contracts and lease agreements.

    Table of Contents
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      Criminal Law

      Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. does not shy away from the hard cases because everyone deserves effective representation. The firm represents clients in cases ranging from misdemeanors cases to murder cases. No matter what the situation is, we are here to help both at the state, federal, and tribal level.


      Family Law

      At Delaney, Nielsen, & Sannes P.C., we believe family law requires a particular kind of representation, one which provides thoughtful discussion of alternatives, careful listening, and creative, individually tailored solutions. We know your family’s safety and security is your number one priority, so we make it ours too. Whether it is child custody, divorce, or an alimony dispute, our attorneys resolve delicate family law matters with care, sensitivity, agility, and hands-on service, while maintaining the dignity of our clients and their families.


      Personal Injury

      Personal injury is a legal term that generally refers to a situation in which a person sustains an injury as the result of another person’s negligent, reckless or intentional acts. When it comes to personal injury, knowing how to proceed, how to prepare for trial, and how to ensure that you are compensated appropriately requires experience, knowledge, and skill. Personal injury attorneys at Delaney, Nielsen, & Sannes P.C. offer the experience through successful representation, the knowledge of the legal process, the support to manage your case, and the expertise to negotiate for your benefit.


      Entity Formation

      When beginning a business, you must decide what form of business entity to establish. The most common forms of business are the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, S corporation, and a limited liability company. Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. are here to navigate you through these options based upon the particular needs of your situation.



      Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. attorneys represent all types of individuals, businesses, and industries in their disputes with insurance companies. We have extensive experience in representing individuals in complex insurance litigation cases and interpreting insurance policies, which gives us a unique advantage in prosecuting claims. We do not represent insurance companies. We represent those who have been wronged by the insurance companies.


      Probate Administration

      Managing a probate estate with numerous assets and beneficiaries can be overwhelming. Personal representatives have a fiduciary duty to administer the probate estate properly and timely and can, under certain circumstances, be financially penalized for missteps.  Beneficiaries can be very demanding, and tensions often run high.  Delaney, Nielsen, & Sannes P.C. attorneys understands these difficulties and can expertly guide you through the probate process.


      Estate Planning and Preservation

      Estate Planning is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual’s asset base in the event of their incapacitation or death. Here at Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. estate planning and preservation attorneys provide you with advice and solutions to your estate planning concerns and problems, and help you to preserve your family’s inheritance and reduce the emotional toll on those you care about.


      Municipal Law

      Delaney, Nielsen & Sannes P.C. is dedicated to providing quality legal service to municipalities across northeast South Dakota. Over the years, we have represented many municipalities on a range of issues. These issues range from violations of city ordinances because of a dog running at large to complete overhaul of a city’s sewer system. If your municipality needs assistance, we can help.


      Real Estate Law

      Delaney, Nielsen, & Sannes P.C. has specialized experience dealing with all of your real estate questions and concerns. Our attorneys can assist you in all aspects of the purchase and sale of real estate, from early negotiations through the closing.


      Tribal Law

      Delaney, Nielsen, & Sannes P.C. is uniquely equipped to handle tribal issues. The Tribe may assert jurisdiction over all members not only in Indian country and Indian territory, which includes but is not limited to, all trust lands, rivers, lakes, and BIA roads, but also includes the cities of Sisseton and Peever and housing areas of Veblen and Waubay, in accordance with all applicable Tribal and Federal law. The Tribe also has jurisdiction over non-members in certain cases.  We have attorneys licensed to practice in the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribal Court, the State Court of South Dakota, and federal court to support you no matter where a case may take you.


      Wills and Trusts

      The first tool you will need in your estate plan is a Will. A Will is a formal legal document stating the method to be applied in the management and distribution of your estate after your death. A Trust is a separate legal entity that controls the assets you place into it. Delaney, Nielsen, & Sannes P.C. can assist you in defining your estate planning objectives, and creating the necessary legal documents to generate those objectives.

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